Sunday, December 18, 2011

Use or Loose trip - The Conclusion

I've said this before, I'll say it again....crashing sucks!
Dealing with insurance isn't much fun either. We finally got the official word that the car is totaled. So we went out and picked up another car. Another VW GTI but with four doors and and blue. Iggy, salesman at Emich, went out of his way to find the exact car we wanted. It's nice to have a car. Even though I kind of enjoyed carpooling for a couple of weeks, I don't think Danelle was all that excited about getting up at 4:40 and leaving early for work.

I was finally able to get a bike ride in yesterday. IT WAS COLD! 34 degrees. I also found that during the crash my shift lever was broken off. So 400 dollars later and a few hours of work, I now have the quietest and smoothest shifting bike I have ever had. I have learned how to tune the shifting and it makes a world of difference.

All right lets get ready for christmas.

Friday, December 2, 2011

BANG! Pt 2

I finally got a rental car, drove back up to Tuba City and picked up Danelle and Sydney, and headed 70 miles down the road. We stopped at the accident scene, then went and found the Tow lot that had the car. They did a nice job of securing all of the stuff we had loaded into a storage bay, and took special care of the bikes. Turns out the tow lot owner pedals too and knew what needed to be done.
I decided that after only two hours of sleep since Thursday morning, we would spend the night here in Kayenta. (leaned how to spell that pretty good after spelling it out to the insurance people all day).
We are going to try and make it home tomorrow. I think i'll be picking glass out of my skin for a few days.

Where it happened

What Hit me

Hit hard enough to buckle the roof

Very solid, well built German car! I will buy another one. Don't know how well I would have done in the Fit or another small car.

Does your face Hurt?

Mine Does.


Or more like CRUNCH, BANG! Last night, four miles east of Kayenta AZ at 11:30 or so we were hit by an oncoming car who lost control and crossed over into our lane. I saw it unfold and new that there was nothing I could do to avoid getting hit. I tried to mitigate some of the hit by aiming for the shoulder of the road. This prevented a head on collision, and caused the car to hit us at the drivers side door. Airbags went off, glass went flying, but Danelle and Sydney were ok. I got beat up and a ride on a backboard to the hospital. Spent a few hours there getting checked out and had glass cleaned out of my eyes.
So now I'm on my way to Flagstaff to pickup a rental car and hopefully finish out this trip.
Pictures and more to follow.
Stay tuned.