Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break 2k11 Monday

Today we drove from San Francisco to Morro Bay. We ran into a few showers on the way down, but for the most part is was a sunny drive. We first checked out Oro De Montana state park, but it was a little bit too remote. So we backtracked and ended up at Morro Bay State Park. Very nice campground, and thanks to the past couple days of bad weather, the place is pretty empty. Once the house was setup (tent) we set off on a bike ride I ended up peddeling out to Oro De Montana park for a couple of hill climps, then did a loop to finish with about 38 miles. Here are a few pictures from today.

Spring Break - First couple of days.

RAIN! Well that's central California for you. We got into San Francisco on Friday afternoon. Found a hotel and tried to catch up on sleep. On Saturday we meet up with Pat and Ali from bumfuzzle. It was neat to talk to them and check out the current bumfuzzle boat. Check out their website for a good read

Sunday we finally got a ride in. We drove over near Half Moon bay and rode up La Honda road. It was still wet and the bikes and our clothes were a mess but the scenery was pretty and the sun was shinning.

Today we will be driving down the coast towards Pismo Beach hoping to get out of the rain.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wake up

winter is. Starting to lose it's grip and that means one thing...Daytona beach and the daytona superbike race. Stay tuned for more updates as the week begins.