Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Use or Loose trip Update 2

Palm Springs, Ca.
It's Wednesday evening. We are sitting in a artsy looking Travelodge, and are beat. We decided to leave a day early so that I can visit the grandparents in Phoenix.
To backtrack, Yesterday was another nice day, weather was a little cooler, but still in the 70's. Woke up to  big waves so went surfing first. Caught the biggest wave ever, and it didn't pummel me on the bottom of the ocean. Went for a challenging bike ride up one of the canyons heading towards Esconditio. It was pretty, but had a few steep climbs. When I got back the surf was still big and I went out and caught a couple more big waves. It was a blast to ride a longboard on those waves.
So today we climbed out of the tent to clear skies, but fog in the distance. Went for a long bike ride down to San Diego and back. Nice but som e of the roads are really rough and you take a beating. After a 32 mile ride, I headed out to catch on last surfing session. It was good, but the weather was moving in. I caught on last wave and called it good. As we were walking off the beach, the sun went behind the clouds and the sky turned very grey.
So we loaded up the car and are now in Palm Springs.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Use or Loose Trip Update 1

Meant to post yesterday, but time got away from me. Lets see, weather has been great mid 70's, surfing has been great, and I got in a couple of nice bike rides. One up north on 101 to Oceanside, and today I headed south to Scripps Oceanography center. Today's ride included 1200 feet of climbing. Who says its flat on the coast. I rode in the morning hoping that it would be cooler, but it still got pretty warm when you are used to colder Colorado. Once again we are at San Elias State Beach near Encinitas Ca.

Photo from today's ride, notice the green grass in November.

View from yesterday's ride

Gotta love California, you can have a campfire, but don't smoke???

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Use or Loose Trip Start.

I have over 50 hours of leave that I needed to use by the end of the year. So we packed up the bags and headed to California for a week. We left friday evening and by 9 am we were standing on the beach in Encinitas  Ca. It was a perfect day, sunny temp in the 70s nice long-boarding waves, and a dog beach so that Sydney can play.
We played for a while then decided to go get cleaned up and eat something. I was so tired I fell asleep at 8pm.